Wednesday, October 22, 2014

T.I. Speaks On Snoop Dogg Apology to Iggy Azalea

Rapper T.I. tells Andy Cohen about the role he had in helping Snoop Dogg apologize to Iggy Azalea after some not-so-nice comments about her. Watch the video clip below.

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Journey (Part 1)

Hey networkers, I wanted to share another one of my personal stories with everyone.... I figured since I tell these celebrities business, I might as well tell mine.

Pictured above is my Mercedes C350 I bought exactly two years ago. I've always wanted a Mercedes so I was thrilled to finally have one at only 27 years-old. Now before y'all look at me like ... Whet he got moneyyyyy... That was not the case. Prior to this my wife of 8 years and I shared an older used car for yearssss. Having a paid off car is the best feeling in the world!

Prior to getting the vehicle my photography/ graphic design business had finally started doing well after 4 years of putting in hard work (yes I've always been a dream chaser), so I felt it was time for a new ride. I'm one of those people that likes nice things but I REFUSE to go broke getting it.... (Disclaimer: I have learned this lesson over time). So I decided I'm going to get the car of my dreams with a Toyota Camry budget.

I went down to the Benz dealership and they approved me for a loan with no cosigner needed... I was like whet foreal... now God you done showed out. The salesman said they never see young men get approved by Mercedes financial. I then proceeded to inform him of the car payment I desired for the model, year and mileage I wanted. The man laughed in my face and told me I needed to go to the Toyota dealership across the street.... But I didn't let him discourage me. I continued my search for weeks traveling to many dealerships in nearby cities but I still got the same look of... Ninja you done lost yo mind.

I decided to take a break from searching and started looking for a BMW for my wife... of course she wanted a luxury vehicle now too lol. While at the lot checking out a vehicle for her I saw a car pass by exactly like the one I wanted. Then as I was leaving the car lot I saw it pass by again and this time I notice it had a paper tag. So needless to say I followed the car and it pulls into a dealership. I ask one of the salesman and he says it just came in today. The salesman happened to be the owner of the dealership and he offered me a great deal. It was a little more than I wanted to pay but at this point I was so exhausted with the search I was like I'll take it. The dealership was about to close so I got the car but had to come back to sign more paper work. Much to my surprise when I came back the owner had convinced the bank to lower the interest rate therefore giving me the price I originally wanted!

After achieving this goal I realized If I put all that energy towards other goals and aspiration imagine what else I could achieve. Surely I could think bigger and believe for something bigger. So I set my next goal to be Millionaire by the age of 30.... Yes I'm aware that was a drastic jump. I knew this would be a huge challenge but with Gods help I believed I could get there.

My first step was the realization that my photography business was not going to get me to a million in just 2 years and especially not in Tallahassee Florida. So I followed my instinct and 1 month after turning 28yo I decided to travel to Atlanta to see what could be.

Making the decision to leave my steady clientele in pursuit of something greater was very hard. Especially since I would have to maintain my bills and fund this spur of the moment trip. After all, that is the reason why people don't just walk off their jobs and go be whatever they wanna be. Thankfully I had my wife's full support behind me as always.

I knew if I was to succeed at finding a successful career path in Atlanta I would need to stay focused and thirsty. For that reason I didn't want to stay with any family members or friends. I wanted to avoid any distractions or people telling me I was crazy. However I couldn't afford hotel stay either. Any money I had would need to fund my career efforts... so I decided I would sleep in my car. Yesss I was sleeping in the Benzo at a Walmart parking lot every night! Why Walmart well it's open 24hrs and I felt it would be the safest. Now before you feel bad for me... don't be... because this was all voluntary. I had the tendency to be way to complacent and this experience is just what I needed to drive me to find a successful career path. Yes I could have waited and saved up for months to fund my trip but something in me told me it was now or never.

I also had a gym membership so I went to the gym everyday to take showers. Now I couldn't just walk up in the gym and take a shower and leave.... so I actually had to workout everyday ughhhh it was horrible!!! Sometimes twice a day if I had an event to go to!

So here I am just one week into my journey of Atlanta and I get a call from my wife saying we are expecting!! I was thrilled because I've always wanted to be a dad but this just put wayyyy more pressure on me. Suddenly the reason why it was a now or never trip had become extremely apparent. If the pregnancy test we took just a few days before I left had came back positive, I would have never left on this crazy journey.

By now you may have already done the math... yup I have 7 more months to make my dreams come true! In the following weeks I will be taking everything up another level! Nothing great comes without sacrifice and hard work.

This is just part 1 of my story. Next week I will be sharing more of my journey as well as some of my video journals. Thank you everyone for your support. I hope this will inspire someone to follow your dreams no matter what. Success looks different for everybody.... This is just my journey.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Momma Dee Releases 'I Deserve' Music Video

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Momma Dee releases the official music video for her hit single 'I Deserve'. Check out the video below.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Erica Dixon's Gets Into Club Brawl [Video]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Erica Dixon was caught on video at a Virginia nightclub getting into a brawl with a club goer. The reality star was dancing in VIP with her crew when an unknown man began throwing dollar bills at her. Apparently Ms. Dixon wasn't very flattered by the gesture because she proceeded to pick up the cash and throw the money back along with a few blows. Check out the video clip below.